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Peter Linka

Peter Linka (8)

Sunday, 14 August 2016 17:25

Ring Announcer

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I am an international ring announcer based in Europe, born and raised in Australia, hence my slogan: THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER.

Peter Linka

After announcing the superfights at the 2013 K-1 World Grand Prix, I became the resident ring announcer of the Final Fight Championship (FFC), hosting Kickboxing and MMA events across Europe and in the USA.

Peter Linka

To date, I've hosted close to 40 major combat sports events (including MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing) in 13 countries on 3 continents. I'm seeking further co-operation with fighting promotions that require an experienced announcer with an international presence.

Peter Linka

I have worked with the following combat sport promotions:

- Elite MMA Championship (EMC)
- German MMA Championship (GMC)
- Cage Fighting
- Innferno Fighting Championship
- Prague Fight Nights
- A1 World Grand Prix
- Prestige Fight
- Glory (undercard)
- Final Fight Championship (FFC)
- K-1 World Grand Prix (superfights)

My catchphrase derives from the ferocity of Kickboxing and MMA bouts that fighters regularly refer to as 'war', as well as the nature of the main event itself; the bout that everyone awaits with the greatest anticipation: 




The following showreels present samples of my announcing style:

Peter Linka
Ring Announcer - Showreel


Peter Linka
Cage Announcer


Feel free to CONTACT ME to discuss the details of me hosting your fighting event.


Picture Gallery

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(Various photos by Ivana Kaurloto, Milan Krušič, Andraz Anzeljc, Jaroslav Ari Hunčovský, and Pascal Lecossec.)

Friday, 12 October 2012 00:18


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Friday, 07 September 2012 16:15


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Over the years, I've translated or adapted countless Hungarian screenplays into English. As a result, I learnt a great deal about what makes a good screenplay good, and equally as much about how a promising story can be let down by poor writing and a lack of technical knowledge of screenwriting methods and techniques.

So I took to studying sreenwriting, and today, I prefer to write my own scripts.

Here’s the logline of 'Lovely Devils', a family-animation screenplay that I co-wrote:

“It’s adoption day at L.A. Zoo, but no Hollywood star wants to adopt two feuding Tasmanian Devils, a cocky young orphan and a hard-nosed old-timer. So, to avoid certain death at the hands of the evil Zoo Director, they break out and brave the urban jungle of L.A. to find Jack Nicholson’s seven year old daughter, the only person who showed any interest in them, and get her to convince her unwilling father to adopt them.” 

Click on the link below to read the first 26 pages of 'Lovely Devils'...


Please contact me if you'd like to read the rest, or if you require assistance with your own screenplay.


Friday, 07 September 2012 16:12


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I write lyrics in many different genres, from pop to theatre musicals, through to rock and progressive-metal. Apart from songs for the music industry, I also write lyrics for television commercials and film soundtracks.

The following albums feature my song lyrics:

Peter Linka

‘Shake It’ is a fun and vibrant album by an exceptionally talented young artist, Anna Patai. This was my second major collaboration with composer and music-producer Norbert Szucs who, together with Anna, truly nailed the music on this amazing album. Check out the videos of "Shake It" and "Colors" below, as well as several clips of Anna's TV appearances. And listen to the other tracks on DEEZER.



Peter Linka

‘Son of a Gun’ is an ‘80s style classic retro-rock album featuring the brilliant guitar work of Mr Zsolt, the incredible voice of Rudy Cardenas (American Idol finalist), and original hard-nosed rock music by versatile composer and music-producer Norbert Szucs. It features 5 classic rock covers and 7 original tracks. Check out the videos of the title track, “Son of a Gun”, and “Lemme Be Your Man”, below. And listen to the other tracks on DEEZER.


I'm always searching for new collaborations; so if you've got any new song ideas, CONTACT ME for lyrics! ;-)

The following video clips contain songs featuring my lyrics in various music genres.


My Lyrics

Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Steppin' off the Edge
Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Shake It
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Lemme Be Your Man
Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Son of a Gun
Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Had Enough of You
Noemi Arnoczky

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Wait for Me
Noemi Arnoczky

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Herat's All Broken
Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Are You Ready
Noemi Arnoczky

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Wanna Hold You
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Never Lookin’ Back
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Is This Love
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Can't Stop
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Push Push
Anna Patai

Music: Norbert Szucs, Lyrics: Peter Linka


Drac’s Farewell (musical)
Hal Fowler

Music: Tibor Kocsak, Lyrics: Peter Linka

Believe in Today
Vera Toth

Music: Robert Hrutka, Lyrics: Peter Linka



My Lyric Translations

My lyric translations featured on three albums by Hungarian progressive-metal band 'Age of Nemesis', released internationally through U.S. labels Sensory and Magna Carta. "Fate's Door" is one of my favourite tracks by the band. Check out the video below.

Peter Linka


The following video clips are examples of my lyric translations:

Fate’s Door
Age of Nemesis

Music and lyrics: Age of Nemesis

English lyric translation: Peter Linka

The Child Within
Peter Kalloy Molnar, Bea Palya

Music and lyrics: Peter Kalloy Molnar

English lyric translation: Peter Linka



Dream On Beauty Queen
MHV (English vocals: Hal Fowler)

Music / lyrics: Janos Menyhart / Tibor Miklos

English lyric translation: Peter Linka




Friday, 07 September 2012 15:08

Interpreting, Translating

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Because I am bilingual (i.e. to me, it makes virtually no difference whether I speak in English or Hungarian), interpreting is simply a matter of fact: something I do naturally to aid people who do not speak each others languages.

Due to my experience in public-speaking, I specialize in interpreting at live events. These include business presentations, training courses, cultural events, etc. I always endeavour to convey not only the content, but also the heart, inspiration and passion of the presenter, so that the audience may experience the full impact of the original message in their own language.

If you require an experienced interpreter, especially for a live event, do not hesitate to contact me.


I firmly believe that good written translations can only be born when one translates into one’s first language or mother tongue. Although I consider myself bilingual, English is my first language, hence, in written form, I only translate from Hungarian to English.

Apart from run of the mill business and technical translations, I have translated or adapted several Hungarian dramas and theatre musicals, and a few dozen film screenplays into English. Hence my field of expertise in translation extends to material containing spoken dialogue and song lyrics. I also specialize in writing and formatting English subtitles for Hungarian films.

My motto is: I guarantee that the translation I provide will always be in English... and never “Hunglish”. So, if you require a true English translation, please contact me.



"I think of Peter Linka with affection, and a little pain too, because he excellently translated a few of my plays, which have not (yet?) been staged. Peter not only knows English, but also the language of theatre and acting, which is very rare indeed. Expressing our feelings and thoughts in words is much more difficult than we think, because we have a thousand words for every feeling and every thought – moreover, we rarely assume the bravery of truly frank expression. Theatrical lies differ from the lies of everyday life because the actor, in his role, knows when he is lying; people in their everyday lives do not. Peter knows the mother tongue of the soul, which we call: truth.
Peter Muller


"On numerous occasions, Peter Linka has helped pass on to our audience the magnificent thoughts of magnificent presenters, magnificently. This is a vital task, and its execution can determine the success or failure of a presentation or training event. That is why, if our company requires simultaneous or live interpretation, I always call Peter without hesitation. Peter has shown us on numerous occasions that he not only interprets words, but also passes on the presenter’s intent and emotional communication, so that we may enjoy in our own language exactly that which is being delivered to us in a foreign language.
Attila Bognar – WorldVentures Hungary

Friday, 07 September 2012 14:49


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As a native English speaker, I regularly lend my voice to the narration of corporate, travel and promotional films, videos, and television commercials. In every case, I always endeavour to present in a style that best suits the genre and mood of the particular film.

Feel free toCONTACT ME to discuss the details of your specific project should you require an English language voice-over in one of the styles below:


One Big Team
Zinzino – Product Video

One Big Team
Zinzino – Business Video


Vodafone Szigetfone 2010
Vodafone Sziget Festival Campaign (excerpt)

FFC 30 - Linz
Final Fight Championship – Promotional Film


Transylvania's Historical Chance
Transylvania's Autonomy – Infographic

Large Scale Solar Power Solutions
ELMÚ-ÉMÁSZ Promotional Film


Design Terminal
ESA BIC Hungary Program – Promotional Film

Promotional Film


Nissan Qashqai EU TV Commercial
“Nissan. Innovation that excites.” (excerpt)

K9 Advantix® II USA TV Commercial
Dog voice: Siberian Husky



Friday, 07 September 2012 14:40


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My work in presenting to and communicating with the public – either as MC, event host, TV presenter or actor – has provided me with a wealth of experience in these fields.

Today, I utilize that experience to pass on to others the many things I have learnt along the way about communication, the tricks of the trade, and people in general.

The areas in which I provide training include:

- Public Speaking

- Delivering Business Presentations

- Handling Interview Situations

- Presenting Before a Camera

- Motivational Training

I always delight in seeing or hearing of the results: the new found mastery and joy that people attain by confidently executing tasks previously plagued by uncertainty.

I look forward to helping you or your company with specific areas of communication that require improvement. Contact me to discuss your individual training requirements.



I have Peter to thank for turning my moments of delivering speeches from a neutral business practice into a highly desirable professional experience. He made me enjoy selecting the emotions I want to nurture in the public, balancing the quantity of teasing and information I want to pass on to them, enjoying the pleasure attained from being at the centre of everyone's attention, and simply delivering the contents and arguments that constitute the purpose of a speech. All this came in such a natural and easy manner with Peter's amazing style of understanding people's ways of expressing their personalities.”
Raffaella Bossi Fornarini – MD – Passport


“Peter Linka conducted specialized training for our television hosts and personalities from several countries. Peter’s unique ability to pinpoint the shortcomings of specific individuals and implement personalized solutions to increase their proficiency in the technical aspects of their craft, while simultaneously liberating the true nature of their personalities, proved indispensible. The results of his work were immediately noticeable and reflected in the increased viewership of our programs. Not only were we highly satisfied with Peter’s training, several of our partner TV channels conveyed their recognition of the marked improvement in the style and communication of our presenters.”
Zoltan Morvai – CEO – TeleMedia Group



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Friday, 07 September 2012 08:59

About Me

Written by

Peter Linka

Whatever I’m working on, I’m always striving to add that ‘little plus’, which makes that particular project just that little bit better.

This is true whether I’m hosting a fighting sports event, checking the text of a voice-over, preparing for a new film role, writing a song lyric, hosting a television program, or welcoming the guests of an international company at a gala dinner.

I was raised by Hungarian parents in Australia where I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. However, my passion was always for the performing arts and entertainment. In 1988, I received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest. So I left Australia to pursue my passions in Europe. This has lead to vast collaborations with wondrous people from all over the globe, resulting in the diverse and colourful professional life that I am blessed with today.

A friend once described me as a 'renaissance man'. True, I do many things. As to what I do when, that’s always changing. One thing is always certain: whatever I'm doing, I’m always doing it with passion. In everything I do, my ambition is to always leave a mark that makes people feel, "We got more than we expected, and it’d be great to work with this guy again."

Feel free to explore my Business and Creative activities. I trust you'll find something of interest.