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Ring Announcer

I am an international ring announcer based in Europe, born and raised in Australia, hence my slogan: THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER.

Peter Linka

After announcing the superfights at the 2013 K-1 World Grand Prix, I became the resident ring announcer of the Final Fight Championship (FFC), hosting Kickboxing and MMA events across Europe and in the USA.

Peter Linka

To date, I've hosted close to 50 major combat sports events (including MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing) in 14 countries on 3 continents. I'm seeking further co-operation with fighting promotions that require an experienced announcer with an international presence.

Peter Linka

I have worked with the following promotions:

- Fight Clubbing
- Venator Fighting Championship
- Elite MMA Championship (EMC)
- German MMA Championship (GMC)
- Cage Fighting
- Innferno Fighting Championship
- Prague Fight Nights
- A1 World Grand Prix
- Prestige Fight
- Glory (undercard)
- Final Fight Championship (FFC)
- K-1 World Grand Prix (superfights)

My catchphrase derives from the ferocity of Kickboxing and MMA bouts that fighters regularly refer to as 'war', as well as the nature of the main event itself; the bout that everyone awaits with the greatest anticipation: 




The following showreels present samples of my announcing style:

Peter Linka
Ring Announcer - Showreel


Peter Linka
Cage Announcer


Feel free to CONTACT ME to discuss the details of me hosting your fighting event.


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(Various photos by Ivana Kaurloto, Milan Krušič, Andraz Anzeljc, Jaroslav Ari Hunčovský, and Pascal Lecossec.)

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MC - Presenter

Peter Linka

I've hosted a vast variety of live, broadcast and online corporate, sports and cultural events for companies from all over the globe. My mission is always exciting and uplifting: gaining the attention of the audience, raising their spirits, and setting the mood of the particular event.

Peter Linka

The events I have hosted include conferences, motor vehicle launches, gala dinners, concerts, international sporting events, factory openings, team building events, congresses, company Christmas parties, opera galas, and even celebrity barbecue competitions.

Peter Linka

Some of the companies and organizations whose events I have contributed to include: Eaton, CIB Bank, World Fintech Festival, Astellas, Toyota, Shell, eBay, Audi, BASF, E.ON, Michelin, Nokia, Acura, Bank of China, Central Bank of Hungary, Procter & Gamble, Ford Credit, Wizz Air, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Pacific Life Insurance, AIG/Lincoln, Skoda, OMD, Indesit, West Coast Life Insurance, Jack Daniels, Opel, Hoffman-La Roche, Mondi, OVB, Aetna Insurance, Diageo, Royal Bank of Scotland, European State Lotteries, International Judo Federation, United World Wrestling Federation, International Table Tennis Federation, FINA, Hotel Kempinski, and the Belgian Embassy, Budapest.

The following videos contain excerpts from live and online events that I have hosted:


Wizz Air Flight Simulator and Training Center
Corporate Video – Wizz TV


World Fintech Festival
Hybrid online event


Pacific Life Insurance
Opera Gala


I would be delighted to raise the audience’s spirits at your event too.

Feel free to CONTACT ME to discuss the details.



“Peter Linka has worked with General Motors on several events. We first worked with Peter on an international gala dinner in Budapest. Already during our first project together, our collaboration with Peter was completely harmonious. We were so satisfied with his work that we later called on him to collaborate with us at Opel events as well. One of our most memorable undertakings with Peter was the Central and Eastern European launch of the Opel Astra Sedan in Turkey, where Peter hosted a series of five gala dinners held over an entire week. I can confidently recommend Peter Linka’s services to other companies.”
Ildiko Biro – Marketing Communications Specialist – Opel Hungary


We have been working with Peter Linka for over ten years on professional conferences, team building events, gala evenings, and other large scale functions. Peter is not merely an artist-for-hire at such events, but rather a creative partner: a stage personality upon whose presence we can confidently base the success of an entire evening. Furthermore, Peter also possesses one of the most important qualities of a leading professional: he is a humble artist who does not push himself into the forefront, but always aspires to best serve the requirements of the given program. Working with Peter is always an experience.”
Zsolt Mesko – Director, Producer – Mondavio


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About Me

Whatever I’m working on, I’m always striving to add that ‘little plus’, which makes that particular project just that little bit better.

This is true whether I’m hosting a combat sports event, checking the text of a voice-over, preparing for a new film role, writing a song lyric, hosting a television show, or welcoming the guests of an international company at a gala dinner.

I was raised by Hungarian parents in Australia where I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. However, my passion was always for the performing arts and entertainment. In 1988, I received a scholarship to study at the Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest. So I left Australia to pursue my passions in Europe. This has lead to vast collaborations with wondrous people from all over the globe, resulting in the diverse and colourful professional life that I am blessed with today.

A friend once described me as a 'renaissance man'. True, I do many things. As to what I do when, that’s always changing. One thing is always certain: whatever I'm doing, I’m always doing it with passion. In everything I do, my ambition is to always leave a mark that makes people feel, "We got more than we expected, and it’d be great to work with this guy again."

Feel free to explore my Business and Creative activities. I trust you'll find something of interest.


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