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Team Builder - Coach

Peter Linka

Coaching was a true revelation, far more rewarding than I’d ever imagined. I realised that people are gifted with potential that they simply don’t realise or don’t believe they have. I came to believe in people more than they believed in themselves, and that belief led me to bring out the absolute best in so many of them.

Peter Linka

I thrive in creating long-lasting change in people to help improve their lives. By giving them the tools and means to go from where they are to where they want to be in life, they too thrive. That’s the reward. That’s why I love to build teams of successful people, working individually and together to achieve their goals.

Peter Linka

True freedom means being able to do what you want, and not having to do what you don’t want. That’s what living life on your own terms is truly about. That’s what I’m about.

Feel free to CONTACT ME to discuss the details of how we can achieve this in your life too.



I have Peter to thank for turning my moments of delivering speeches from a neutral business practice into a highly desirable professional experience. He made me enjoy selecting the emotions I want to nurture in the audience, balancing the quantity of fun and information I want to pass on to them, enjoying the pleasure attained from being at the centre of everyone's attention, and simply delivering the contents and arguments that constitute the purpose of a speech. All this came in such a natural and easy manner with Peter's amazing style of understanding an individual's way of expressing their own personality.”
Raffaella Bossi Fornarini – MD, Passportonline


Peter conducted specialized training to improve the on-camera presentation and communication of our television hosts and personalities from several countries. Peter’s unique ability to pinpoint the shortcomings of specific individuals and implement personalized solutions to increase their proficiency in the technical aspects of their craft, while simultaneously liberating the true nature of their personalities, proved indispensible. The results of his work were immediately noticeable and reflected in the increased viewership of our programs. Not only were we highly satisfied with Peter’s training, several of our partner TV channels conveyed their recognition of the marked improvement in the style and communication of our presenters.”
Zoltan Morvai – CEO, TeleMedia Group


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